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Baby Leg Play VIDEO

This is a two weeks team project with four other students in ETC. We used the Vive VR headset to create a game where the player needs to guide the baby for his first walk. We use two trackers binding on the player's feet to track the feet motion. Baby will randomly walk around the playground and ant hills will spawn ants to attack the baby. Player needs to use their feet to stomp on the hills and ants to protect the baby.  I am a solo programmer for this project which means I coded everything. 

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Game Concept

During the brainstorming phase, I came up with the idea of protecting the baby by using players' feet since this would make them feel more involved. Instead of using traditional UIs, I created some simple real-world 3D UI elements for players to "physically" touch them so that our game could use the best from VR devices. The game concept itself was straightforward, and our test players, especially the ones that had kids, liked the game a lot. 


Coding Experience

The coding process for me on this game was quite harsh since it was the first time for me to do solo programming for a whole game. I coded everything in this game: from UI control to gameplay logic. Coding in such intensive pace helped me to push my limit, and to see how far I could go with only two weeks in hand. The real-world position sensing from Vive is so fantastic that I do not need to worry about stabilizing the floor level which can be a headache for VR developer.


Producer Experience

Working with artists and sound designers for the first time was challenging indeed. As the sole programmer on the team, I became the manager of the project progression.  Artists and sound designers all came to me in order to see whether their assets could or not. One time, I was given a long list of art assets at a single time, and I had to spend the whole night trying to implement them into the game. A priority list should have been made in advance to avoid this issue. A lesson learnt.