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The Zabmarine is a two-players cooperative game in Oculus VR device. A submarine is broken under the deep sea and two crews need to fix it. One player will be the indoor operator while the other player will be diver who swims out of the submarine to fix things. They can not see directly what each other is seeing. Both players need to exchange information frequently to beat the game. For demo purpose, I recorded both screens in the video. The upper right screen is operator's view.

This video shows the actual playing footage of my game during the BVW festival which is a celebration event for all CMU ETC students at the end of the semester. We made a fancy prop with Makey Makey for the operators to play with.

Volumetric Light

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Makey Makey Saves the world

After a long debate among the group members, I decided to use Makey Makey as our game's hardware interface. It may look complicated from the picture but it is simple to use and to develop with. Makey Makey can react to any electrical conductors which gives tons of space in designing. I used copper papers for completing the electrical circuits so that Makey Makey could accurately detect which buttons were pushed. Coding with Makey Makey was also fun because it enabled direct one-on-one mappings with PC keyboard which made debugging smoothly. Highly recommend for prop making!  


Fantastic Prop art

Besides programming, I also contributed to the artistic aspect of the prop. I painted the black section of the control panel for the operators in our game. I used gradual transition from dark red to bright yellow to highlight the buttons so that players would try the buttons to see what happened. 


Designed for Game Festival

This game is designed for the game festival at Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University. Guests ranging from young kids to game industry professionals came to the event and had fun with students' games. Including mine! Check out the video above for guests playing my game.