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Gate of Wisdom and ever changing fate

source comes from internet.

My Game Projects

Throughout years, I have created plenty of games using different platforms and engines. Here is my collection

My school

Want to know my origin? Well, curiosity kills a cat you know. But you are lucky enough to share my memory. Go forth, visitor. 

CMU profile

My profile in the CMU Entertainment Technology Center. A lovely small page.

My Knowledge(course)

My relevant courses on the topic of computer science. You know, magic training usually takes a century and is very dangerous.

My Magical spells(skills)

Although I do not command all wind of magic, I do have some notable skills. Check out my skills listings here.


Want to see my license for being a wizard? Come here.


For security reasons, Resume is not view-able on this page. Please download it. No worry, kind visitors, there is no virus in the link.